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Did you know? "AdBlock usage has increased more than 69% this year and experts anticipate 50% of all users will have AdBlock installed on their devices by 2018. AdBlock use is growing at an estimated rate of 45% per month."

Stop losing money to users consuming bandwidth but using Ad block to stop delivering traffic to your ads. See revenue boost instantly with ReviveAds – a FREE and 100% seamless tool that allows you to bypass all ad blockers. We provide Ad blocker detection for ALL standard desktop and mobile ad blockers, circumvention, as well as monetization of the traffic. GET STARTED!

ReviveAds is the only ad block solution on the market that combines Ad Block Prevention with its own Ad Platform, utilizing its effective real time bidding system, thousands of ad block advertisers, and proven sales force.

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Ad Blocking is now up to over 30% of most sites out there on the internet. It is a nuisance, and if companies like Facebook circumventing ad blocks is not a sign of the future, then I don't know what is.

If you are looking for ad block traffic, you need go no further than the inventors of the 1st ever ad block solution to be tied to an RTB. You can find all sorts of traffic types here and purchased through a self serve solution.

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How It Works

Is your website blocked? Download one of the many ad blocking browser extensions and test it on your website.

ReviveAds maximizes your revenue without skipping a beat thanks to a single-step implementation process that assures your precious advertisements make it through blocking software undetected. Increase click-throughs, impressions, and general visibility with results you can see almost immediately without interrupting current revenue streams. Because we know how important ad revenue is to your bottom line – and keeping the Internet free for all.

We have integrations across 100+ websites and counting with a 100% penetration rate across devices and ad blocking systems. We offer 6 different integration options, from subtle to extreme, that revive that revenue. Sign up today and restore the profits these ad block systems prevent your site from earning. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with the results.

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How You Profit

ReviveAds makes it easy to bypass ad blockers without disrupting your current revenue model and regains you access to 150+ million ad block users. You’ll see your ads reappear and click-through rates increase, recovering lost revenue that your online business depends on.

ReviveAds is the only ad block solution on the market that combines Ad Block Prevention with its own Ad Platform, utilizing its effective real-time bidding system and sales force with 100% penetration rates. Sign up today and revive the revenue these ad block systems take from your site. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

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Why ReviveAds

Ad blockers remove ads from all key zones, leaving webpages free of the important advertisements that help fund users’ favorite content and keep it free to watch, read, hear, and enjoy. Without workarounds like ReviveAds, content creators and website owners lose essential revenue every day and put users at risk of losing the Internet as we know and love it today.

Easy to use

1-step integration

Instant gratification

Real Advertisers and Real Time Bidding

Regain lost revenue

Personalized customer service

Works with all browsers

ReviveAds recovers ad block revenue from ad blockers and ad block add-ons for Safari, ad block on FireFox, ad block on Chrome, ad blocks on Internet Explorer, and other popular browser add-ons.

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