About ReviveAds

Revive Ads is owned and operated by a unique team of veteran publication owners and advertising pioneers that has developed proprietary software that combines seamless ad block prevention with a real-time ad delivery platform.

Because we own our own technology and develop it in house, ReviveAds is able to boast stronger, more reactive technology and monetize it better than any other company in this realm.

Revive Ads provides website publishers with 4 key services:

  • Detection and awareness. This program allows publications to detect and measure the effect of visitors blocking their ads and deliver targeted messaging accordingly.
  • Proprietary ad delivery. Our platform is capable of delivering 4 billion ads per day and report in real-time for any ad type. We offer all platforms and all ad type integrations.
  • Access to eager advertisers. Our advertisers are ready, willing and able to deliver products and generate revenue to ad block users.
  • Access to ad-block enabled content. Our content meets the advertising standards and non-intrusive guidelines of almost every ad block system.

Although we conform to the Acceptable Advertising standard, ad blocks have become a nuisance and dramatically affect publishers’ and advertisers’ daily business. Advertisers drive revenue and empower publications to provide and create ongoing access to original and compelling content. Revive Ads has chosen to respond to this issue with a middle-finger mentality, as ad blocks continue to give the middle finger to publications without taking responsibility for the impact they have on these sites’ ability to operate.

Our goal is to remove barriers and regain revenue for publications. Our mission is simple: revive lost revenue and revive your sites’ ability to operate through better monetization.

Revive Ads is versatile with a tiered system of 6 varying levels of protection and integrations to maximize profits, ranging from simple to ultra-aggressive. For example, Level 1 is the least aggressive ad block solution:

Level 1

  • We provide you monetizable content.
  • We use our technology to detect the ad block and replace your ads with real content and ads – all of which is monetizable.
  • We provide you detection.
  • We provide you implementation.
  • An integrations professional will connect with you to customize it to your site.

We go all the way to what we call “RevCon6,” which is our contingency plan for websites whose ad block users break 40%. At that point, the website can no longer sustain operation and bandwidth costs without a particularly aggressive ad block solution like ours:

Level 6

  • We provide the user with an intermediary page with advertising, letting them know that they are being redirected due to their use of ad block software and that they can return to the site once it’s deactivated or removed. We then redirect them elsewhere.
  • We provide you a script for detection.
  • We provide you a script for implementation.
  • An integrations professional will connect with you to customize it to your site.

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