Is Google’s plan to demote sites with pop-up ads an abuse of power?

Posted on 2016-08-24 13:30:00

Say goodbye to seeing pop-ups in your mobile Google searches by January 2017. The big move by Google is causing quite a stir amongst marketers and advertisers. Some Marketers say that pop-ups are a nuisance and that Google intends to make the Internet a better place for everyone. While others say that Google is yet again policing the Internet with their power.

Our own CEO, Mark Bauman, thinks that this will be positive for nobody but Google. Our company has been known to think ahead. ReviveAds has created a new form of mobile redirection that can combat Google’s latest plan in taking over the world.

He continues, “it\'s extreme to restrict a site on how they can advertise or market. I believe it should be up to the user to visit that site.”

Read more about other Marketer’s reactions to Google’s plan to crack down here.

If you have any question about our new form of mobile redirection, contact a specialist at the company at

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