ReviveAds in the Palm of your Hand

Posted on 2016-08-25 13:30:00

San Diego – Did your cellphone just buzz? That was ReviveAds alerting you that we have launched mobile ad block solution. ReviveAds has become one of the best mobile advertising specialists. From smart phones to tablets, ReviveAds has discovered how to target any device or carrier to promote your mobile ads.


Mobile ad blocking makes up for 13% of all mobile traffic today. Research shows that this percentage is growing at a .05% rate every single month. As the advertising and marketing industries continue to change, it’s important for us to evolve

Our company understands how important ad revenue is to our publishers and advertisers - and our mobile ad block prevention technology now enables detection, delivery and enhanced mobile performance that maximizes revenue.

If you haven’t implemented mobile ad units yet, contact your representative for the updated technology that sitting in the palm of everyone’s hands. And just in case you think it’s not necessary, based on new data, we found that ad blocking on mobiles are growing each month.

ReviveAds is and continues to be the first ever, incomparable and best ad block solution on the market with its patent pending technology.

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