Reaches 18% Penetration, Sees Client Profits Soar

Posted on 2015-08-10 13:30:00

Ad block solution reaches 6-month mark with new data reports

SAN DIEGO – Aug. 11, 2015 – Ad block solution has reached its six-month mark of business with more than 18% penetration and a client portfolio reaching close to 30 sites. This milestone also has made it possible for ReviveAds technicians to see first-hand how this unique tool has helped publishers regain lost revenue and rebuild their online profit centers.

ReviveAds maximizes clients’ revenue without skipping a beat thanks to a single-step implementation process that assures precious, high-profit advertisements make it through blocking software undetected – while still following all acceptable advertising guidelines. Matched with a real-time bidding platform, gives publishers more control over their online livelihoods than ever before.

With ReviveAds, clients can detect all ad blockers instantly; replace ads with true monetizable content provided by ReviveAds experts, populate zones in real time with alternative ads, and enjoy a comprehensive service menu full of additional proven solutions.

“Online advertising helps keep content creators and website owners in business and bringing hungry users the video, audio, articles and more that makes the Internet an essential part of their everyday lives,” a ReviveAds representative said. “ReviveAds makes it possible for publishers to maintain their websites while giving fans the kinds of free content they come to expect – but only ReviveAds gives clients additional access to our real-time ad bidding platform.” is scalable and customizable according to each client’s needs; from basic to aggressive, this proven solution can handle any website’s ad block prevention needs and maintain steady profits.

Regain access to – and revenue from – 150+ million ad block users today. For more information or to test on your website portfolio, please visit

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